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hiyashichuka bento in a super stuffy day

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hiyashi chuka bento

hiyashi chuka bento

It is so humid in Japan today!!!! Summer is just around the corner after this rainy season;however, we don’t have rain at all even in rainy season. We have to be serious about global warming.

I often see an advertisement flag of hiyashi chuka outside of a ramen shop these days.

Hiyashi chūka (冷やし中華?, lit. “chilled Chinese”) is a Japanese dish consisting of chilled ramen noodles with various toppings served in the summer. Toppings are usually colorful cold ingredients and a tare sauce.
Popular toppings are strips of tamagoyaki (egg), carrot, cucumber, ginger, ham, and chicken. It may also contain barbecued pork. The tare sauce is usually made from water, rice vinegar, soy sauce, sugar, sesame oil, sesame seeds.

The flag informs us “summer is coming.”

It says,"We've just started to serve Hiyashi Chuka."

It says,”We’ve just started to serve Hiyashi Chuka.”

cool with water and drain it well

cool with water and drain it well



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I'm a 43 y.o. Japanese man. I love cooking Chinese and Thai food. I make bento almost everyday. Bento is not difficult to make. Just pack leftovers and take it with you for lunch. That's a bento. I make my bento within 15 minutes by using leftovers and frozen food. I don't make chara-ben.

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