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I have been paticipated in a child sponsorship program for 15years.(11years in World Vision and 4years in Plan International) The begining of sponsoring a child was a commercial message of World Vision which was on air in US. when I was a student there. It was not so common that an individual was paticipated in that kind of programs about 20years ago here(Donation was common.) although Japanese govenment supported developing countries. The commercial message really impressed me, and I decided to start the program with my own money in future.

This is the girl who I communicate with through the sponsorship.

This is the girl who I communicate with through the sponsorship program. I’m not her individual sponsor. My donation is used for the community where she lives in.

Please see their websites if you are interested in sponsoring a child.
Plan International
World Vision

I sent a letter and a tiny present(stickers) for her, tonight.
プランジャパンを通じて交流してる子に、かなり長い間手紙を書いていなかったので、手紙を書きました。 キャンペーンとかで、プランジャパンからカレンダーとかは送ってたが、直筆は1年以上書いてなかった。 

面倒なので、今まで寄付金控除をしたことがなかったけど、去年、初めてやったら、結構お金が戻ってきてた(1万位は戻ってきてた気がする) 月3000円からできるので、興味がある人はぜひ。
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