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フェブラリーS 軸はサンビスタ

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(1) 東京 11R 三連複 フォーメーション 馬1 :09
馬2 :04,11
馬3 :01,05,12,13,14,15,16
(2) 東京 11R 馬連 流し 軸馬:09
(3) 東京 11R 三連単 軸2頭流しマルチ 軸馬:09,04


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I'm a 43 y.o. Japanese man. I love cooking Chinese and Thai food. I make bento almost everyday. Bento is not difficult to make. Just pack leftovers and take it with you for lunch. That's a bento. I make my bento within 15 minutes by using leftovers and frozen food. I don't make chara-ben.

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